I'm already dead.

J'ai le cœur qui palpite quand je pense à tout ce qu'un être humain peut faire. Mais je déchante quand je vois ce que l'être humain fait.



Great moments in tv history

The best part is how the hand giving the cigarette doesn’t belong to anyone in the room—no one is wearing that shirt.

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Yes indeed I would. 


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i am the human version of the first piece of bread

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44 Days of hell: The murder and torture of Junko Furuta
On November 25th, 1988, Junko left School and was walking home, she never made it home. She was kidnapped by a group of young men, including a 17-year-old who was identified as ‘Jō’ and would be later given the surname Kamisaku. They kept her captive in the house owned by the parents of Kamisaku, in the Ayase district of Adachi, Tokyo.
That was the beginning of her 44 days of torture. She didn’t know her abductors, they had no grudge against her and there was nothing specific that they were after. They attacked her because they could, embarking on weeks of atrocities because they could, and because they wanted to.
DAY 1: November 22, 1988:
Kidnapped, kept captive in house, and posed as one of boy’s girlfriendRaped (over 400 times in total)Forced to call her parents and tell them she had run awayStarved and malnutritionFed cockroaches to eat and urine to drinkForced to masturbateForced to strip in front of othersBurned with cigarette lighters and set off fireworks in her ears, mouth, vaginaForeign objects inserted into her vagina/anus including a still lit light-bulb
DAY 11: December 1, 1988:
Severely beat up countless timesFace held against concrete ground and jumped onHands tied to ceiling and body used as a punching bag  until her damaged internal organs made blood run from her mouthNose filled with so much blood that she can only breath through her mouthDumbbells dropped onto her stomachVomited when tried to drink water (her stomach couldn’t accept it)Tried to escape and punished by cigarette burning on armsFlammable liquid poured on her feet and legs, then lit on fireBottle inserted into her anus, causing injury
DAY 20: December10, 1988: 
Unable to walk properly due to severe leg burnsBeat with bamboo sticksFireworks inserted into anus and litHands smashed by weights and fingernails krackedBeaten with golf clubCigarettes inserted into vagina and forced to drink her own urine as they laughedBeaten with iron rods repeatedlyWinter; forced outside to sleep in balconySkewers of grilled chicken inserted into her vagina and anus, causing bleeding.
And yet she’d almost escaped. One time she reached the telephone—but one of the boys caught her just in time and ended the call for help. They punished her by taunting her with a candle flame and finally dousing her legs in lighter fluid and set her on fire, as punishment for trying to run away. She went into convulsions; the boys would later say that they thought she was faking the seizure. They set her on fire again, then put it out. She survived this round.
DAY 30: Hot wax dripped onto face
Eyelids burned by cigarette lighterStabbed with sewing needles in chest areaLeft nipple cut and destroyed with pliersHot light bulb inserted into her vaginaHeavy bleeding from vagina due to scissors insertionUnable to urinate properlyInjuries were so severe that it took over an hour for her to crawl downstairs and use the bathroomEardrums severely damagedExtreme reduced brain size
DAY 40: Begged her tortures to “kill her and get it over with” January 1, 1989:
Junko greets the New Years Day aloneBody mutilatedUnable to move from the ground
DAY 44: January 4, 1989: The four boys beat her mutilated body with an iron barbell, using a loss at the game of Mah-jongg as a pretext.
She is profusely bleeding from her mouth and nose. They put a candle’s flame to her face and eyes.Then, lighter fluid was poured onto her legs, arms, face and stomach, and then lit on fire. This final torture lasted for a time of two hours. Junko Furuta died later that day, in pain and alone. Nothing could compare 44 days of suffering she had to go through.
Less than 24-hours later, on January 5th, 1988, the killers hid Junko’s body in a 55-gallon drum, then filled it with concrete; they disposed the drum in a tract of reclaimed land in Kōtō,Tokyo.
When her mother heard the news and details of what happened to her daughter, she passed-out. She had to undergo a psychiatric outpatient treatment.
According to their statements at their trial, the four of them raped her, beat her, introduced foreign objects including an iron rod into her vagina, made her drink her own urine and was fed cockroaches, inserted fireworks into her anus, and set them off, forced Furuta to masturbate, cut her nipple with pliers, dropped dumbbells onto her stomach, and burned her with cigarettes and lighters. (One of the burnings was punishment for attempting to call the police.)At one point her injuries were so severe that according to one of the boys it took more than an hour for her to crawl downstairs to use the bathroom.
They also related that “possibly a hundred different people” knew that Furuta had been imprisoned there, but it is not clear if this means they visited the house at different times while she was imprisoned there, or themselves either raped or abused her.When the boys refused to let her leave, she begged them on several occasions to “kill (her) and get it over with“.
Three of the boys identities were sealed by the court because of their age, even though they were tried as adults. They pled guilty to a reduced charge of “committing bodily injury that resulted in death”, instead of the original charge of murder. Jo Kamisaku was released in August 1999, and nearly 5 years later he was arrested and served 7 years for assualting a jealous love-rival and according to others who know him and spent time in prison with him, he had been bragging about what he had done to Furuta.

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☆† flowers in my hair and demons in my head †☆

☆† flowers in my hair and demons in my head †☆